Faculty Recruitment

Faculty Recruitment Process (Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track)

Recruitment requests for research titles must be emailed directly to the Research Dean for review and approval. The Research Dean will Docusign the Approval to Search and Approval to Hire sections on the LARF for research titles.

Recruitment requests for teaching titles must be emailed directly to the Program Dean for review. The Program Dean will email his approval to proceed with the search. The Executive Dean will sign the Approval to Search and Approval to Hire sections on the LARF for teaching titles.

LARFS must contain both signatures in the Approval to Search section before being uploaded into ROCS:

The cover letter for the recommendation to hire packet must include:

  1. search committee names
  2. total number of applicants
  3. number of applicants interviewed
  4. justification as to why candidate is top choice
  5. what other interviewed candidates lacked (why they weren't chosen)
  6. recommended salary
  7. if candidate declines, is there a second choice or will department revisit applicant pool or request to repost),
  8. anticipated start date

The hire packet should include:

  1. LARF – Both Approval to Hire Signatures are Required to Proceed
  2. Copy of ERF
  3. Copy of posting
  4. Department EEO Report in ROCS
  5. EEO approval to interview emails for each candidate interviewed, place each EEO approval email behind each CV
  6. CV of recommended candidate along with 3 letters of recommendation
  7. CV of other individuals interviewed
  8. The Vice Dean of Administration will ensure the Dean receives the hiring packet for review and approval and will notify the department to prepare the offer letter and faculty appointment contract (this only applies for tenure-track hires. NTT new hire letters and contracts are prepared using the NTT depository. The approved hiring packet and fully executed letter/contract become part of the faculty member's official file so remember to send copies of all final documents directly to our office.
  9. At this time, department must complete Final Disposition of all candidates and move the recommended candidate to the workflow status of "Finalist" in ROCS. This status will initiate the Background Investigation (BGI) and vaccination clearance emails.
  10. Once the offer letter and Faculty Employment Agreement (UPF-5) are finalized, the department will then send documents for signature via DocuSign. All parties will be cc'd on the fully executed documents. (NTT new hire letters and contracts are prepared using the NTT depository.)
  11. Upon receipt of email notification from Faculty Check of "BGI Approval and clearance of vaccination requirements, the department administrator processes the Template-Based Hire request into HCM and uploads the offer letter for onboarding and completes the I-9 no later than the effective date of the hire.

The entire process could take anywhere from several weeks to one (1) year depending upon the title they are recruiting for, possible VISA processing, and how quickly the search committee/department is willing to work.

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