Staff Search and Recruitment Instructions

Class 1 Positions

Be prepared to load the following items into ROCS when initiating your search and adhere to the following procedure:

  • Staff Search Request Letter from the Department Chair or Director
  • CARF
  • Current Organization Chart
  • Approved SARF with benchmarked salary
    Note: A SARF is not required for 100% grant funded position requests; however, when preparing the posting in ROCS, in the special conditions section, language must be added as follows:
    “This is a grant-funded position, employment in this position is contingent upon the availability of funds. This position will expire once the grant has ended”.

SEBS-HR may serve as either applicant reviewer and/or selection committee member, sometimes both, on selected postings. We may also designate committee member(s) to serve on interview panels.

  • Positions must be posted for a minimum of two (2) weeks for URA-AFT positions. All other positions only require a minimum posting period of five business days; however, UHR has a maximum posting period of 30 days.
  • MPSC positions in which supervision of a Class 1 employee is required will be indicated in ROCS under Minimum Education Requirement as "Bachelor's Degree Required". New supervisors are expected to complete supervisory training within 90 days of the start of their new appointment.
  • Viable candidates must be routed through ROCS for HR/EEO Review/Approval by the Applicant Reviewer BEFORE an interview can take place.
  • Final Dispositions must be completed for all applicants by the Applicant Reviewer
  • Hiring department prepares and submits a hard copy of the Recommendation to Hire Packet to SEBS – HR for review and approval.
  • NOTE: If the recommended candidate is a Rutgers employee with less than six months in their current role, please refrain from submitting a recommendation to hire packet (reference University Policy 60.4.6).
DO NOT move candidates to the workflow status of Finalist until the Recommendation to Hire Packet has been approved by SEBS – HR.


Ensure the posting case has been dispositioned to indicate the selection committee’s finalist along with 2 well-qualified applicants who would serve as strong second or third finalist in case the offer is not accepted, then prepare the recommendation to hire packet.

The Recommendation to Hire packet consists of the following – please send as one PDF in the order listed below:
  • Cover letter addressed to the Office of Human Resources:
    (Click Here to View Sample Recommendation to Hire Letter [16k Word file])
    • Posting Number
    • Names of Search Committee Members
    • Total Number of Applicants
    • Number Interviewed
    • Number of Withdrawn Applicants
    • What makes recommended candidate top choice
    • Recommended annual salary
    • Anticipated start date
    • Account # Percentages
    • Include the name and justification for a second choice (if for some reason the first choice candidate declines); indicate whether the department prefers to revisit the candidate pool, or indicate whether the department desires to repost
  • Approved SARF (Staff Action Request Form)
  • Departmental EEO Report found in the Reports Tab in ROCS
  • Posting Announcement
  • Submit resumes in the order of finalist, second choice, third choice and resumes for each additional candidate interviewed and anyone else mentioned by name in cover letter
  • EEO approval emails from UHR should be placed behind the resume for each candidate interviewed and anyone else mentioned by name in the cover letter
  • Staff Search Request Letter
  • CARF
  • Org Chart
  • SEBS-HR will review the recommendation and respond by email with an approval, this email will also provide further instructions to the department.
  • Departments may then make a verbal offer to the candidate and prepare a draft offer letter with a realistic start date using the templates located on the UHR Library site in Sakai. Remember, there is no change in salary when hiring within the same grade – this is considered a lateral move.
  • Once candidate has accepted the offer, Applicant Reviewer must move recommended candidate to workflow status of "Finalist". NOTE: When dispositioning the other candidates, please leave only the second and third choice candidates in queue in case the accepted offer is withdrawn.
  • By selecting the applicant as "Finalist" this automatically generates an email to UHR signaling them to begin the background investigation. If our office has not provided UHR with an approval to hire email, the case will be locked and a case override must be performed which delays the hiring process.
  • The outside agency, HireRight will send a link to the selected Finalist with instructions on how to proceed. The background investigation can take up to ten (10) business days from the time the link is accepted by the applicant and electronically returned to HireRight.
  • Our UHR Consultant will email a background clearance notification to the BGI recipient indicated in ROCS once the investigation is successfully completed. Print this background clearance notification email as you will be required to upload it into HCM Job Data Attachments along with the candidate's signed offer letter. The hire cannot proceed without receipt of these two documents.

Postings should be marked as "Filled", and then "Closed" once the employee has been onboarded.

Department is to enter the Template Based Hire into HCM for all external candidates. UHR handles the transfer process for all internal candidates. Internal candidates do NOT receive offer letters.

NOTE: The University no longer requires completion of hiring proposals in ROCS. (Please note that active Class 3 and Class 4 staff are considered external hires when applying for Class 1 positions.)