Student Worker Recruitment Instructions

Class 5 Student Worker appointments are for full and part time matriculated Rutgers University students. These are opportunities for Rutgers students to gain meaningful work experiences that may be helpful to their current program. Duties vary by department, but student workers generally DO NOT TEACH with academic settings.

Departments should work within the following hourly wage parameters:

Undergrad Student ($13–$15 per hour), Grad Student ($16–$20 per hour), PhD Student ($21-$25 per hour). Any requests that exceed $25 per hour must be directed to SEBS HR for submittal to the Office of the Executive Dean for approval, utilizing the attached Student Employee hourly rate exception form. Any appointments that exceed the $25 per hour rate that have not been approved by the Office of the Executive Dean will be rejected in HCM.

Here is a list of duties that all require supervision: