Staff Performance and Compensation Program

Eligible Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) non-aligned employees who are Type 1 staff members are eligible to participate in the Pay-for-Performance Program (P4P) and are formally appraised annually.

Staff employees who are covered under the URA-AFT Labor Agreement (1.1MB PDF) will participate in the Staff Compensation Program (SCP) and are also formally appraised annually.

Both of these programs are merit-based compensation plans that foster an environment of excellence and professional growth among staff, and provide for direct correlation between individual performance and individual reward. Both programs have two major components: performance management and appraisals, and compensation. Details on the programs are available via the links below.

Staff covered under other collective bargaining agreements can find information about their compensation in their current agreements. Copies of all staff labor agreements are available from the Labor Union Agreements page.

For more information visit Staff Compensation Program (SCP) Overview on the UHR website.