Post Doctoral Recruitment

Post-Doctoral Associate and Fellow Recruitment Process

Supervisor Training is Highly Recommended Once Every Five Years.

Under Federal regulations, without exception,
ALL recruitment searches must be processed through ROCS.

Faculty Recruitment Forms are not required to recruit for Post-Doctoral vacancies!

Prior to entering ROCS (Applicant Tracking System – Blue Tab), initiators must have available the following information/items.

Once the Selection Committee has completed its search:

Documents to be collected for Post Doctorate Appointments:

Contingency Requests - Recruitment of Post Docs

All Post-Doctoral Associates are required to have a PhD on or before the actual date of hire.

In the case where a department desires to recruit for a position in which they have a potential candidate they are considering who has not yet achieved his/her PhD, they must adhere to the following procedure well BEFORE a posting is drafted in ROCS:

  • The faculty member must send a letter of inquiry to the potential candidate's Dissertation Committee explaining that the candidate will soon be considered for a position within the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) and request that an official letter be returned which clearly states the following:
    • Date when his/her academic coursework requirements will be met (including dates of thesis submittal/date of final dissertation defense) in order to help the department determine a timeline for the awarding of his/her actual PhD degree. Receipt of this document will allow the faculty member/department to decide when/whether or not to proceed with the recruitment of their vacancy.
    • The department should forward to the Research Dean a formal request to review these documents by email, attaching the dissertation committee's official letter, and a current CV of the potential candidate for approval by the Research Dean.
    • The Research Dean will notify your department if the contingency request has been approved and when the department should proceed with the actual posting of the Post-Doctoral position into ROCS.

NOTE: Contingency documents will only be reviewed for those applicants whose dissertation committee letter clearly states that the individual has completed his/her academic coursework, has set a defense date, and is awaiting receipt of their official PhD degree.