Teaching and Graduate Assistants Appointment Instructions

Please Submit Two Weeks Prior to Appointment

Complete a separate TA/GA Appointment Initiation form for each TA/GA appointment.

Once the form is completed, you must obtain budgetary approval

  • State Accounts (Jonathan Wright)
  • Grant Accounts (Zenash Tassew)

New TA's Only, submit by email a New TA Notification form directly to the Graduate School-New Brunswick to the attention of tapweb@grad.rutgers.edu.

Each department will prepare a letter of appointment which will be uploaded in RIAS.

Additionally, a Waiver, Family Education Rights and Privacy Act Form will be attached to each TA or GA letter. Once this form is signed and completed, it should be returned directly to the appointing Department. The signed form should be uploaded as an additional attachment to the appointment request via RIAS III template-based hire. Please note that Departments are now responsible for providing each TA with Departmental Criteria prior to the effective appointment date.

Salary, benefit and other helpful resources can be found at the UHR student website.

For More Information

Visit the Academic Appointments Manual to find out more information on TA/GA appointments.