Appointment/Reappointment Process for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

We are pleased to announce the implementation of the new NTT Application Management System. This system manages the appointment, reappointment and promotion of non-tenure track faculty at SEBS/NJAES. It includes functionality to generate letters and contracts, as well as an extensive approval system allowing for complex workflows. It also retains submissions for historical purposes. Please access the system at least one month prior to the notification date, if not sooner to enter your appointments.

NTT Depository Attachments for New Appointment

  1. LARF fully signed on both sides
  2. Copy of Posting
  3. Copy of Resume
  4. Budget Justification Form

NTT Depository Attachments for Reappointment

  1. Short Form Packet (contains current appointment letter, personal statement and CV)
  2. Budget Justification Form
  3. Optional – Additional Supporting Documents

Reappointment Evaluation and Notification Schedule

1st year - reappointment notification 4 months prior to expiration of appointment
2nd year - reappointment notification 7 months prior to expiration of appointment
3rd year+ - reappointment notification 1 year prior to expiration of appointment

Accessing the NTT Depository

  1. You must be within the Rutgers firewall, so either physically in your campus office, remote into your office PC or connect to VPN.
  2. *** New link *** Go to
  3. Log in using your NetID and password.


Remember: DO NOT USE YOUR BROWSER BACK BUTTON! Always navigate back to the Main Employee List by clicking on its tab at the top left of the application.

Procedures for NTT Depository Phase I – Approvers

Approval Process

After the Department completes and submits their appointment/re-appointment, the record will flow through the following approval process. All Approvers have access to all information and attachments related to a record. If the Budget, Program Dean or Personnel Approver rejects a record, it will go back to the Department for correction. If the Vice Dean rejects a record, it will go back to Personnel. Any approver who rejects a record should enter the reason in the comment section of the record. You may also enter comments when approving a record for viewing by the next approval level.

  1. Budget: Currently, all records will go to both Lisa Estler and Zenash Tassew. They will coordinate approvals via email based on the Funding Source.
  2. Program Dean: If the Appointment Title is a research title, the record will go to Wendie Cohick. If the Appointment Title is a teaching title, the record will go to Tom Leustek.
  3. Personnel: Approves all records.
  4. Vice Dean: Approves all records.
  5. Final Processor: Submits to DocuSign for candidate signature. The candidate will receive an email with a link to sign and initial the contract in DocuSign. Upon completion, the candidate and the faculty union will receive an email with the letter and signed contract attached.

Review a New Appointment, Re-Appointment or Promotion

  • In the Main Employee List, click on the Title of the record.
  • Review the details and check any attachments as needed. You are not able to make any changes.
  • The Short Form, appointment letter, personal statement and CV form are all included in the attachment entitled 'Short Form and Supporting Attachments'.
  • The 'Budget Justification' attachment identifies some background information for the Funding Sources.
  • Scroll to the bottom to Submit or Reject. If acceptable, Submit to the next approval level. If something needs to be changed, Reject back to the Department. In both cases, especially when rejecting, enter any comments in Section IV – Comment Entry for later viewing in the record’s Action History.
  • Anyone with access to a record can view its entire Action History and Comments.

Filter Options

  • Filter Options allow you to filter which records are displayed in the Main Employee List.
  • To set a filter, make your selection and click the button 'Filter List'.
  • To clear filters, click the button ‘Clear Filters’.
  • To see all records that you can access, set Appt Type to 'All Active' and Appt Status/Queue to 'All'.
  • To see all records in your queue, set Appt Status/Queue to your queue name.
  • To see only those records that have gone through DocuSign, set Appt Status/Queue to 'Approved and Sent to Candidate'.

SEBS HR will periodically pull signed contracts from DocuSign into the application by clicking on the Check DocuSign Contract Status button. This will pull any contracts signed since the last time. All documents are available in the depository for printing so you will no longer receive copies of fully executed documents by email.

SEBS HR has the ability to Delete an entry if something goes awry.