Visiting/Courtesy Appointment Process

Process for Visiting Scientist/Student Courtesy Appointment at SEBS/NJAES

Packet for Dean of Research – Submit in one Combined pdf File:

  1. Memo from faculty sponsor to Department Chair requesting the appointment.
    • Include term of appointment, payment if applicable, grant name and account # if applicable, any intention to cover required health insurance/visa fees).
    • If applicable, Dept. Admin verifies available funding- requests approval from Business office via DocuSign.
  2. Visiting scientist CV.
  3. Letter from Department Chair on behalf of the SEBS Dean of Research that will be sent to Visiting Scientist for acceptance and signature once visitor is cleared by export control. Include mandatory COVID vaccine language in the appointment letter.
  4. Completed Visiting Scientist Agreement (VSA) that will be sent to visitor for countersignature and then sent to Export Support for review and signature. Select from scientist/student and international/domestic.

    Export Control - Forms and Templates | Rutgers Research

    Select: Visiting Scientist/Student Agreements for Unpaid Researchers


  1. Department prepares the packet composed of the above items and sends to Dean of Research.
  2. Dean of Research gives approval for courtesy appointment to move forward.
  3. VSA is sent to visitor for signature; signed copy to be returned to department.
  4. Department sends signed VSA to export control unit with cc to Dean.
  5. Once VSA is approved by export control, department sends courtesy appointment letter to visitor along with Rutgers Patent policy plus fully executed VSA requesting signed copy of appointment letter be returned to department.
  6. Department updates their departmental spreadsheet of Visiting Scientist/Student Courtesy Appointments.

We will no longer use the initiation form.