Lecturer & Coadjutant Depository Process

Procedures for Lecturer/CoAd Depository – Department Preparers

The depository is only used to generate appointment letters for teaching Lecturers and teaching Coadjutants. Eligible Class Codes:

Class Eligibility
99902 Class 7 Lecturer (Union Eligible)
99905 Class 7 Lecturer (Union Ineligible)
99910 Class 8 Coadjutant (Teaching less than a full semester during an academic year and is not otherwise a regularly appointed employee).
99913 Class 8 Coadjutant (Teaching during an academic year and is regularly appointed employee 50% time or more.)

Accessing the Lecturer/CoAd Depsoitory - use the link below:

To Create a New Appointment

  1. Click the New Submission button at the top left.
  2. Any field with a red asterisk (*) denotes that information is required.
  3. In the Candidate Information section, if the candidate exists in the Rutgers system, enter their Employee ID then click outside of the box. This will automatically populate their name, address, gender and email. If the candidate is new, enter all information manually.
  4. Select the Job Class from the drop-down list. The Type will automatically populate.
  5. Enter the Term and Date Span.
  6. In the Course Information section, enter the Index # (if known) and click outside of the box. This will automatically populate the Course #, Title and Credits. If not known, check the Enter by Course #? box and manually enter the course information.
  7. Enter the Cost per Credit and click outside the box and the Course Salary will automatically be calculated.
  8. Continue to enter as many courses as needed.
  9. In the Attachments section, valid formats for any attachments are PDF and Word.
  10. When the form is complete, click the button ‘Submit to Academic Approver’ at the bottom.

Approval Process

After the Department completes and submits their appointment, the record will flow through the following approval process. All Approvers have access to all information and attachments related to a record. If any Approver rejects a record, they will enter a comment into the record and it will be returned to the Department for correction. At that time, the Department will also receive an email from the system identifying which record was rejected.

  1. Academic: Currently, all records go to Kristen Lester.
  2. Business: Currently, all records will go to both Jonathan Wright and Zenash Tassew. They will coordinate approvals via email based on the Funding Source.
  3. Final Processor: All records will be returned to Kristen Lester to submit the appointment letters via DocuSign for candidate’s signature. The candidate will receive an email with a link to sign and initial the contract in DocuSign. Upon completion, the candidate and Department Preparer, will receive an email with the letter and signed contract attached.

Status of a Submission

To see where your submission is in the Approval Process, go to the Main Page and check the Status column. Keep in mind that if is 'In Queue For: Business Approval', this could mean it is waiting for either Jonathan or Zenash, depending on the Funding Source.

History of Actions

To see all actions taken on a submission, bring up the record and scroll to the bottom. All actions are listed in the 'Submission History & Comments' area with date and time stamps, the type of action and comments.


If a candidate letter needs to be updated due to a change in a Course section, go into the appointment and click on the 'Revise Appointment' button at the top left. This will create a new, but connected, appointment which will then need to go through the entire approval process again.


SEBS HR will periodically pull signed contracts from DocuSign into the depository, where all users will be able to access them.

SEBS HR has the ability to Delete an entry if something goes awry.

***There can only be one request for each contract. Employees can have a LECTURER appointment in multiple departments, so each department preparer would need to enter their submissions individually.

*** For more information visit the Academic Appointments Manual (PDF).