NTT Promotion to Assistant Level

NTT Promotions to Assistant level titles—Please use the revised short form below which includes the Dean's Commentary template language for OULR. Once the short form is completed with attachments, please send the Short Form packet to Paul Elwood for review and signature. Once signed the packet will be returned to the Department Administrator so it can be sent as one PDF to the Office of University Labor Relations (OULR) who provides preliminary reviews of New Brunswick NTT promotion packets. Please submit packets to, copying Packets reviewed by OULR will be then forwarded to Vice Provost of Academic Affairs Saundra Tomlinson-Clarke for review and approval. Once signed, the short form will be returned to OULR who will then return the signed short form to Paul Elwood who will communicate any approved promotions with the department with a cc to SEBS-HR for our records.

Approved promotions are uploaded into the NTT depository.

Heidi Rappaport of OULR may be contacted regarding any questions concerning submitted packets.