Staff Action Request Form—Instructions and Next Steps

Step 1: SARFS are to be completed by Department Administrators. Please work with your Departmental Financial Approver to ensure the funding is accurate.

Step 2: When classifying a new Class 1 or Class 3 position, the Departmental Administrator will forward a completed SARF along with an Org chart to Ydalia Ramos.

Step 3: SEBS-HR will return the approved SARF to the Department Administrator and the Business Office Approver assigned to your Department/Unit. In order to prioritize equity across the school, all SARF requests will be benchmarked and returned with the school's average salary/hourly rate. Please include the benchmarked amount under the position salary section when initiating the ROCS position request.

A SARF is no longer required for Class 4 appointments and not required if the appointment is fully grant-funded.