Overtime Request Procedure

Please first check HCM to ensure the employee is eligible for overtime, if the FLSA status is marked as Exempt, an employee would not be entitled to overtime, only Non-Exempt employees are eligible for overtime.

  • Email requests should be sent to Teresa Pergher (tpergher@sebs.rutgers.edu) at least TWO WEEKS prior to the overtime being worked by the employee(s). Kindly copy your department's financial preparer and the Business Office approver connected with your department/unit on this email.

    Email must include the following along with the submission of the attached OT Excel Sheet.
    Requests will be returned if this information is not provided).

    1. Name of employee
    2. Approximate number of hours overtime (OT) to be worked
    3. Date(s) during which hours are to be worked
    4. Description of work to be performed during OT
    5. Project and Task numbers the OT will be charged to

  • SEBS HR will then return an email (copying the department’s financial preparer/Business Office approver) requesting additional information or, if no further information is necessary, approving the OT.
  • Department then processes OT in accordance with university procedures.

STAFF Overtime Sheet Template (16k Excel file)