Part Time Lecturer/Coadjutant Information

A three year collective negotiations agreement for the Part-Time Lecturers was ratified on December 1, 2015. The new contract has not yet been published. In the interim, please be advised that all provisions of the 2011-2015 collective negotiations agreement will remain in effect with the exception of the following:

Contract Term
July 1, 2018–June 30, 2022

  • Salary Minima for PTL
    PTL's paid by the credit:
    Fall 2018 - $1,778 per credit
    Fall 2019 - $1,831 per credit
    Fall 2020 - $1,886 per credit
    Fall 2021 - $1,933 per credit

  • Across-the-board increases:
    Fall 2018  3.0%
    Fall 2019  3.0%
    Fall 2020  3.0%
    Fall 2021  2.5%

  • New Contract Provision
    • Increase after 12 semesters of PTL service:

      Effective July 1, 2016, PTL's who have completed 12 semesters of PTL service in a single department or program and who are appointed in such department/program for a subsequent semester will receive a one-time, permanent increase in the amount of 5% of the PTL's then current base salary, as applicable to the course in that department/program only, in lieu of an across-the board increase.

** Job Class Codes
99902 Class 7 PTL (Union Eligible)
99905 Class 7 PTL (Union Ineligible)

**Job class code 99901 should no longer be used since newly hired PTL's go into the bargaining unit upon their first semester of appointment.

Coadjutant Faculty Class 8

Salary provisions for coadjutant appointments are not governed by a collective negotiations agreement. Therefore, departments may establish appropriate pay rates for individual coadjutant appointments.

Coad Casual- 99910 Teaching less than a full semester during an academic year and is not otherwise a regularly appointed employee.
Coad Casual- 99913 Teaching during an academic year and is regularly appointed employee 50% time or more.
Coad Casual Non-Teaching - 99912 Research and other non-teaching academic support duties when the individual is hired for less than a semester.
Coad Non-Teaching - 99911 Research and other non-teaching academic support duties when the individual's appointment is for a full fall or spring semester.