Visiting Appointment Process

Appointment Process

Visitors are to be appointed one year at a time, not to exceed two successive appointments.

  Non-Stipend Appointments

U.S. Citizens

  • Email completed Appointment Initiation Form with approval signatures
  • Cover Memo from Faculty Member to Chair requesting approval of appointment
  • Chair's Request to Dean for approval of appointment
  • Updated CV with a current mailing address
  • Transmittal forms for SEVIS Administration Fees, DHS, and Health Insurance (if applicable)

Each department will prepare a letter of appointment which will be uploaded in RIAS.

Non-U.S. Citizens (Proof of English Proficiency Form Required)

  • Email completed Appointment Initiation Form with approval signatures
  • For Sunapsis requests, access the Center for Global Services website, search for the request link. Enter your id and password along with the full name and address of the joining party. This link will then be emailed directly to the joining party so they may upload their documents. You will receive a notification email once this process has been completed. You may now upload any remaining documents (i.e., JE numbers along with the appointment letter). Once submitted, the Chair then the Vice Dean will approve the appointment and the International Center will be prompted that the process has been completed. They will notify you when your documents are ready for pick up.

  Stipend "Paid" Appointments

According to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the university considers visiting appointments with stipends "paid" appointments and therefore, they must be advertised.

If this is a paid visiting appointment, requests must be made directly to SEBS-HR using the following procedure:

  • Chair should send a strong letter of request to post vacancy directed to Dean Goodman (including salary requirement and anticipated start date)
  • Faculty supervisor should send a letter of request to post position to his/her Chair
  • Attach a copy of the official job description to be sent to NJHERC for posting (2 week minimum)

If approved by Dean Goodman, SEBS-HR will send the posting over to the Office of the VP for Academic Affairs.

When the candidate is selected, the Department Admin will need to obtain SEBS budgeting approval. The Visiting Appointment Initiation form along with the following documents should be sent to SEBS-HR:

  • Three (3) professional letters of reference outside of Rutgers University
  • Official certified transcript of last completed level of education
  • Current CV with full mailing address
  • Chair's letter of approval of selection of candidate directed to Dean Goodman
  • Faculty letter requesting support of candidate selection directed to Chair indicating # of applicants, how many interviewed (by phone or skype) and reason why candidate selected is best choice.

Each department will prepare a letter of appointment which will be uploaded in RIAS.

  Non-US Citizens (Foreign Nationals)

If the candidate selected is outside the US, the candidate will use the link to upload the required documents into the Sunapsis system. The department will upload a completed English proficiency form and the faculty or Chair's letter requesting the visitor appointment, including appointment term and stipend amount.

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