Summer Salary

Summer Salary Process

Before submitting requests for Summer Salary, please review the following:

  • All June requests need to be kept separate from July and August because of the two different fiscal years. If requesting July and August, please combine on one form.
  • When the request is for less than a month, the requested amount must be calculated by the number of working days in the month. (June=22, July=21 and August=23). You may access the link to the Summer Salary Form here: Faculty Summer Salary Authorization Form (Word file).
  • Please make sure to include the number of days in your request letter when not working the full month. In addition, please remember that the request letter also needs to contain the approximate number of hours worked per week, as this supports Affordable Care Act Reporting.
  • All requests for summer compensation are to be emailed to Jackie Rusnak, in the SEBS-Office of Human Resources at ( The email should include the completed Faculty Summer Salary Authorization Form and the chair's approval letter for the faculty request of summer compensation (see for summer salary and pay in lieu of vacation policies). The completed form and chair approval letter will be reviewed by Rachele Sylvan (Fund Source) and Dr. Laura Lawson, Dean of Academic Programs.
  • Once the form is reviewed and approved by the Business Office and Program Dean, SEBS-HR will scan and email the form back to the department so that the appointment may be entered into RIAS.
  • Please make sure to only use the 8-digit Employee ID# on the form; for security purposes, do not include the employee's social security number on the form. Remember to make sure all letters and forms contain current dates.

Summer Salary Information

The University permits faculty members on academic year appointments to receive approved summer compensation of up to 3/9ths their academic year salary, provided that (a) there is no conflict with the policies of the relevant funding agencies for externally funded grants and contracts, and (b) there is approval by the faculty member's dean or director. Similarly, calendar year appointees may receive up to 1/11th additional compensation. Should 3/9ths or 1/11th be paid to an academic year or calendar year faculty member respectively, they are obligated to forego any vacation for that year in which the compensation is paid.

The Faculty Summer Salary Form has a place for Dean/Director signature and that will be signed by Dean Laura Lawson prior to providing payment for such appointments. No one other than the Dean of Academic Programs is to sign.

To process a summer appointment, administering units are responsible for preparing and submitting the appropriate transaction in the RIAS-HR/Payroll system for summer compensation, as class 8, coadjutant appointments in job code 99916.

Please keep in mind:

  • The general rule has always been that a faculty member can only charge a grant or contract based on his or her actual salary at the time the work is performed. Retroactive adjustments due to subsequent contract negotiations are only allowed if the award is still active and then only to the extent that funds are available.
  • If there is a possibility that a PI will be working on a grant or contract during the summer but will be unable to submit the required payroll paperwork, the PI should send a completed Institutional Prior Approval Form (IPAS) to prior to starting work.
  • With the cost transfer policy on sponsored programs, summer salary will not be allowed to be transferred to any grant account 90-days after the transaction has posted to the General Ledger. Therefore, ensure that the correct grant accounts are charged in the appropriate month consistent with the grant accounts listed on the submitted summer salary request form.
  • The cut off for summer salary will be September 30, 2016. This is a firm deadline with no exceptions.

If you have any questions please contact Jackie Rusnak at 2-3682.