Faculty Recruitment

Faculty Recruitment Process (Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track)

(NOTE: Effective July 1, 2016 all faculty recruitment must go through ROCS. Registration for ROCS Open Work Lab Sessions (ROCS OWL) are available via http://rocs.rutgers.edu/index.php/2015/03/17/new-training-opportunity-rocs-open-work-lab-session/. These sessions are intended for already approved individuals who work on behalf of their department in the ROCS system. Until then the following procedure remains in place.)

When a department is looking to recruit faculty:

  • Department submits to SEBS-HR a signed/dated LARF (Line Authorization Redistribution Form), cover letter addressed to Dean justifying request to hire for a faculty position, and a copy of position announcement. In addition, the department must also send an email attaching the job posting/position announcement for future use by SEBS-HR
  • SEBS-HR reviews packet for completion and accuracy, then routes to Program Dean and Budget Approver for their review/initials (Program Dean/Budget Approver will depend upon account information indicated on LARF). Packet is then submitted to Executive Dean for review/signature/date (could take 1-5 days depending upon availability of deans)
  • SEBS-HR returns original LARF and copies of support material to department AA informing them of outcome of request.
  • SEBS-HR reviews Position Announcement for completeness and emails to VP's Office for Academic Labor Relations to be posted in HERC. Department also has opportunity to post in any other venue it wishes that would target individuals key to the position
  • Each Posting must remain in ROCS for a period of at least five business days
  • Department begins interview process (time necessary is totally up to departments)
  • Once department has identified a successful candidate, they submit to SEBS-HR the cover letter of justification/recommendation to hire, original signed LARF, copy of posting, CV of recommended candidate along with 3 letters of recommendation, and the CV for any other individuals mentioned by name in the justification letter
  • SEBS-HR reviews packet for completion and accuracy and routes to appropriate Program Deans, Budget Approver and Affirmative Action Coordinator for review/initials, and then submits packet to Executive Dean for review/approval. (normally takes 1-3 days depending upon dean availability)
  • Once all approvals have been obtained and packet is returned, SEBS-HR prepares offer letter and Faculty Employment Agreement (UPF-5) for Executive Dean's signature. Once signed, a copy is scanned and emailed to all those cc'd on letter and the original is mailed to the recommended candidate along with required enclosures
  • Once fully executed original offer letter and Contract are received back by SEBS-HR signifying acceptance of offer, department administrator inputs the New Hire into HCM.

The entire process could take anywhere from several weeks to one (1) year depending upon the title they are recruiting for, possible VISA processing, and how quickly the search committee/department is willing to work.

(Any questions on this procedure, please contact Phyllis Lepucki 2-3707.)

Faculty Recruitment Forms