Reappointment Process for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Reappointment Evaluation Schedule

1st year - reappointment notification 4 months prior to expiration of appointment
2nd year - reappointment notification 7 months prior to expiration of appointment
3rd year+ - reappointment notification 1 year prior to expiration of appointment

Chair prepares and sends 30-day Annual Appointment Evaluation Notification Letter to the individual faculty member which requests an up-to-date CV and any other materials the faculty member would like to submit for the Departmental review and vote regarding their reappointment/promotion up to the equivalent level of Assistant Professor.

Note: Research Associate is equivalent to Instructor

Please Submit at Least One Month Prior to Notification Date

  1. Short forms should include the department chair's commentary, vote and recommendation. If the Chair decides not to include commentary, he/she must, at a minimum, indicate their recommendation and sign/date the Short Form.
  2. Using the Budget Approval Listing, the department determines which program dean (research title series or teaching title series) and which funding approver (state account or grant account) are associated with the faculty member's appointment. Using the Sample Email Template, request Program Dean and Budget approvals. Department emails the complete packet to appropriate individuals to obtain support or non-support of the reappointment. A copy of each emailed response/approval is then attached to the completed original packet.
  3. Using the Non-Tenure Track Reappointment/Promotion Checkoff Sheet as your guide, in the order listed, you will forward an email containing three (3) separate attachments: the Short Form packet in PDF format; letter of reappointment, along with a Faculty Employment Agreement (UPF-5). Please use the templates which can be found in Sakai to prepare the reappointment letter and contract. Once completed, the Department will email these documents to SEBS-HR (signatures must appear in blue ink). Remember, the letter and contract must be in Word format.
  4. SEBS-HR will review the original packet for completeness and accuracy before forwarding to the Office of the Executive Dean. If all is in order, final documents will be uploaded into DocuSign for signature by the Office of the Executive Dean. Only non-reappointment letters will be prepared by SEBS-HR for the Office of the Executive Dean's signature.
  5. SEBS-HR will be notified electronically by DocuSign once the Office of the Executive Dean has completed the signature process.
  6. Using DocuSign, SEBS-HR will electronically forward the signed reappointment letter and Faculty Employment Agreement (UPF-5) to the faculty member for signature. Once DocuSign notifies SEBS-HR that the documents have been fully executed, SEBS-HR will email the fully executed reappointment letter and faculty employment contract to the department administrator and all cc's listed. The Department AA will then print and upload a copy of the fully executed reappointment letter into HCM Job Data and must also remember to request the appropriate reappointment action through HCM.
  7. SEBS-HR will print these for filing in the faculty member's Official Faculty Personnel File.
  8. Department must notify SEBS-HR immediately if the faculty member or department is considering a promotion to the Associate Level within the next 12 months.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Reappointment Forms and Information

If you don't see the information you need listed below, please contact our office for assistance at 848-932-3550.