Reappointment Process for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Non-Tenure Track Reappointment Procedure -
Annual Evaluation Form (Short Form)

  1. Short forms are to be completed by the department chair's office and include departmental commentary, vote and recommendation. The Chair should also include commentary, however if they choose not to add any comments, he/she must, at a minimum, indicate their recommendation and sign/date the Short Form.
  2. Using the Budget Approval Listing, department determines which program dean and funding approver are associated with the faculty member's appointment. Department then emails the complete packet to appropriate individuals to obtain support or non-support of the reappointment. A copy of each emailed response is then attached to the end of the original packet.
    Laura Lawson (IDR) 2018's
    Bradley Hillman - (AES) 247's not RCE; 267's; discretionary (28, 53, 64's) and grants (42's/43's)
    Brian Schilling/Kathleen Howell - Cooperative Extension faculty (RCE 247060's, 247200's, 247300's) and (25's)
    Lisa Estler/Regina Williams (all state accounts from 201 thru and including 28's)
    Rachele Sylvan (all grants 42's/43's and 28's)
  3. Current curriculum vitae must be attached to the Short Form along with University required documents and any other material that the candidate submitted for use in his/her evaluation.
  4. Department then submits the fully executed original packet with attachments to SEBS-HR.
  5. SEBS-HR will review the original packet for completeness and accuracy. If all is in order, a letter of reappointment along with a Faculty Employment Agreement (UPF-5) will be prepared for the review and approval of the Executive Dean. However, there are some instances in which a non-reappointment letter will be prepared for the Executive Dean's signature.
  6. Once all documents have been signed off by the Executive Dean, SEBS-HR will notify the department administrator to pick up the documents for hand-delivery to the faculty member for his/her signature. SEBS-HR will also scan and email a copy of the letter of appointment to all cc's listed.
  7. SEBS-HR works closely with the department administrator to ensure the faculty member signs one original of both the reappointment letter and Faculty Employment Agreement (UPF-5) which is then returned to SEBS-HR for filing in the faculty member's Official Personnel File.
  8. Department AA then uploads a copy of the fully executed reappointment letter into HCM at the appropriate time.
  9. Notify SEBS-HR immediately if the faculty member or department is considering a Promotion to the Associate Level within the next 12 months.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Reappointment Information
Please Submit at Least One Month Prior to Notification Date

For the first year here - the faculty member gets a 4 month notification
For the 2nd year here - the faculty member gets a 7 month notification
For the 3rd year here - the faculty member gets a 1 year notification
  • Chair prepares and sends 30-day Annual Appointment Evaluation Notification Letter to the individual faculty member which requests an up-to-date CV and any other materials the faculty member would like to submit for the Departmental review and vote regarding their reappointment/promotion up to the equivalent level of Assistant Professor.
  • Following Departmental evaluation and vote, department completes the Short Form and includes relevant department commentary for Chair's review, recommendation, Chair commentary and signature.
  • Once Short Form is completed, department administrator must obtain program dean and budgetary approval as indicated in NTT Reappointment Procedure by scanning and emailing the complete packet for their review/approval.
  • Approximately one (1) month prior to notification date, department administrator sends the signed original form and all attached materials together with the program dean and budget approval emails attached to back of packet to Phyllis Lepucki (SEBS-HR) for review and completion.
  • Following SEBS-HR review, the packet along with the appropriate reappointment/non-reappointment letter and Faculty Employment Agreement (UPF-5) are prepared for Executive Dean's review, recommendation, signature and date.
  • Once documents have been signed by Executive Dean, reappointment letter is scanned and emailed by SEBS-HR to all individuals copied on the letter. Department AA is notified via email to pick up original letter and Faculty Employment Agreement, requesting they disburse to the faculty member for review/signature and return one signed set to SEBS-HR which will be placed in the faculty member's Official Faculty Personnel File.
  • As a courtesy, the Short Form templates are sent with a cover letter to the Chair of the Department, with a cc to the department AA, informing them of the individuals who need to be notified of reappointment or non-reappointment, as the case may be.

(Research Associate is equivalent to Instructor)
(NOTE: Departments work with SEBS-HR on Non-Reappointments. SEBS-HR prepares and sends Non-Reappointment Letters once executed by Executive Dean.)

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Reappointment Forms and Information

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