Staff Search and Recruitment Instructions

Be prepared to load the following items into ROCS when initiating your search:

  • Department Justification Letter from Chair/Director
  • CARF
  • Organization Chart

SEBS-HR Request to Hire Documents

Hiring departments, while checking departmental reference checks, may request a copy of the Days Remaining Report (DRR) for internal applicants. At this time you may inquire about attendance, absence or habitual lateness patterns that may not be reflected in the DRR. This is in addition to any professional or performance questions you may have.

Once you have designated the "Finalist" in ROCs and all other Final Dispositions are recorded appropriately, you are now prepared to submit your recommendation to hire packet by forwarding us a hard copy of the following:

  • Cover letter justifying recommendation which must include:
    • Posting Number
    • Names of Search Committee Members
    • Total Number of Applicants
    • Number Interviewed
    • Number of Withdrawn Applicants
    • What makes recommended candidate top choice
    • Recommended annual salary
    • If recommended candidate declines, name and justification for second choice or indicate if department desires to repost
  • Posting Announcement
  • EEO approval email from UHR for each top candidate and anyone else mentioned by name in the cover letter
  • Resume for recommended candidate and anyone else mentioned by name in cover letter

Once you are notified via email that the recommendation has been approved by SEBS-HR, you may change the applicant's designation in ROCS to read "Finalist" if you haven't already done so. Once the candidate has accepted, you can now prepare the hiring proposal and UHR will modify the designation in ROCS to read "Hired", then the posting will be marked "Filled", and then "Closed" by UHR.

UHR handles the transfer process for all internal candidates, offer letters and hiring proposals in ROCS are NOT created. (Please note that Class 4 and Class 3 employees are considered as external applicants).