Post Doctoral Recruitment

Post Doctoral Associate and Fellow Recruitment Process

Effective July 1, 2016 all searches for Post Doctoral Associates and Fellows must be processed through ROCS. This process in many ways will mirror that of faculty searches. All are encouraged to first register for ROCS' Open Work Lab Sessions (ROCS OWL) which are available via These sessions are intended for already approved Initiators who work on behalf of their department in the ROCS system. Additionally, an online tutorial is available as a helpful resource on the ROCS website.

Prior to entering ROCS, initiators must have available the following information/items: a prepared justification letter from the Chair to the Dean indicating the need for this search; obtain the necessary account information which will fully fund this position; a detailed posting summary; any educational or special requirements you may want to indicate in the posting; the names and email addresses of each search committee member, and the individual designated as the Applicant Reviewer (having the ability to modify the status of applicants in ROCS system); indicate period posting will remain open (note, there is a two-week minimum posting period at which time the expired posting will automatically close ) unless you have indicated 'Open Until Filled'. In this case, once the Selection Committee and Applicant Reviewer have completed the search, the Initiator will then notify SEBS-HR to change the status of the posting to either 'Closed' and/or 'Filled'.

Below are documents (and some suggestions) that are required when posting vacancies.

Posting Specific Questions (You Can Use Key Questions to Qualify Applicants)

Example: How many years of teaching experience do you have?

Posting Documents (Not Visible to Applicant)

  1. Cover Letter Justifying Search from Department Chair to School Dean
  2. Position Announcement/Job Description
  3. Notice of Grant Award (Required as Backup if Grant Funding Shortfall)

Applicant Documents (Documents to be Uploaded by Applicant)

Required Documents

  1. Cover Letter/Letter of Application
  2. Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  3. List of Name and Contact Details of Three (3) Professional References
  4. Copy of PhD Degree Certification (Required for Post Doctoral appointments)

Optional Documents You May Request of Applicant

  1. Copies of Current Relevant Teaching Evaluations or Statement of Teaching Interests
  2. Copy of Relevant Article Authored by Applicant
  3. Related Statement of Research